Alpha Roadmap

Follow Rend's development throughout Alpha with this list of gameplay mechanics and general improvements to be introduced during the test.

Control Points Learn More

Adds strategic capture points, each granting gameplay bonuses to the controlling faction. Also introduces siege weaponry with an eye towards overall PvP balance.

The Reckoning Learn More

Begins a scheduled world event that drops the faction base shields. During this event, soulless husks known as the Lost are summoned, intent on destroying your base.

Taming System Learn More

Allows players to capture the creatures of Rend. Once tamed, these loyal pets can offer rapid movement speed, efficient resource harvesting, and even combat abilities.

User Interface Learn More

Applies the final polish to Rend's look and feel with elements such as character inventories, crafting windows, and skill trees implemented in stages during Alpha.

Full Character Redesign Learn More

Reimagines the male and female player characters entirely with a from-scratch approach to their in-game models, textures, rigging, and animation.

Talent & Skill Rebalance Learn More

While archetype talents and skill perks are gradually balanced each patch, this update puts the four archetypes and sixteen skill categories in even better harmony.

Late-Game Biomes Learn More

Unveils some of Rend's most dangerous and as-of-yet unannounced environments along with the powerful creatures that call these treacherous lands their home.

Late-Game Crafting Learn More

Introduces high-tier recipes that round out our crafting progression along with powerful draughts, resource transmutation, and finalized research trees.

Social System Available Soon

Enhances the importance of faction reputation and expands the permissions controlled by it, permitting players to establish robust rulesets to lead their factions.

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