Early Access Roadmap

Follow Rend's development through Early Access with this list of gameplay improvements and new features to be introduced this Fall and Winter.

New Game Modes Learn More

Allows for open-ended gameplay with significant changes to core Rend systems including the game's pre-established factions and shielded strongholds.

Combat Improvements Learn More

Tightens up the gunplay and enhances the aesthetics of combat, making both feel more impactful and bringing them in line with modern shooters.

Crafting Reconstructed Learn More

Simplifies game aspects such as harvesting and refining as well as crafting tables and recipes with the intent of making Rend more accessible to a broader audience.

Streamlined Storage Learn More

Overhauls how the game handles storage and team resources with the return of the redesigned Warehouse and repurposed Armory in the faction stronghold.

Refined Social Mechanics Available Soon

Shifts decision-making power to the faction through permission requests and voting, introduces player grouping for cooperative PvE and PvP parties, and much more.

Dynamic Siege Combat Available Soon

Makes raiding faction strongholds a more engaging experience by adding new siege weapons and tools such as catapults and personnel flingers.

Legendary Artifacts Available Soon

Introduces epic items from Norse mythology, including unique weapons and armor, that can shift the balance of power within a saga.

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