Posted on 07.31.18 in News

Rend Early Access Launches Today

After much anticipation and even more hard work, we are proud to announce that Rend has officially entered Early Access!

Available today on Steam beginning at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7), you can purchase Rend and participate alongside the development team in helping to improve the game leading up to its official launch. We are deeply honored by the continued support of our community since we announced this project last year and plan to use the Early Access period to get feedback from players like yourself.

From Jeremy Wood, co-founder and CEO of Frostkeep Studios:

“Since we first announced Rend, we have been developing it side by side with our players through Pre-Alpha and Alpha testing, gathering feedback through Discord and our other official channels. Our goal has always been to transform the way players interact and participate in survival games while delivering on the fantasy that they have come to expect from this genre. Rend doesn’t feel like any other game in the survival genre, and we’re only just getting started.”

Rend takes inspiration from the motifs of ancient Norse mythology to bring players a colorful world of epic battles and survival-based gameplay. To accommodate the various gameplay styles, Rend will host official servers – including Conquest servers that eliminate the magical shield protecting each faction’s base – as well as support private servers for players who are interested in customizing the game’s rulesets and their overall in-game experience. 

We’re really excited for new players to join the adventure, and for our Rend veterans to see all the improvements we’ve made so far. It has already been a long road, and Early Access marks one more big step towards Valhalla!

To download Rend on Steam, please visit the game’s official Steam page.

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