Posted on 11.07.18 in News

Play the New PvP Game Mode Early

Since Rend’s first public-facing Alpha, the community has been asking for a version of the game that more closely resembles classic survival titles. In tandem with other Early Access roadmap features for Fall-Winter, the team’s been hard at work preparing a factionless game mode for Rend. With internal testing complete, we’re inviting players to participate in an early public test of the game mode on a special Public Test Realm (PTR) server before it goes live. Learn more about the new Classic and Exploration game modes here

Here’s how to participate in the test:

  1. Open Steam and click Library at the top.
  2. Right-click on Rend in your Steam Library and click Properties.
  3. Click the Betas tab, select “publictest” from the pulldown menu and click Close.
  4. Steam should detect the Rend PTR patch and begin downloading it. Restart Steam if it does not.
  5. Run the game (should show as “Rend [publictest]” in your Steam Library). Click the Find Server button, then the Filters button. Select Custom from the Game Modes and click Apply, then join the "Public Test" server that appears.

Please note that the PTR server will be updated incrementally. Scheduled downtimes will be announced in the Server Status forum.

The PTR is running in Classic mode which is a PvP environment. Immediately at login, players will notice a number of game features have been significantly updated including a streamlined crafting system, redesigned research spark sources, and more. These changes support factionless (Classic and Exploration) gameplay and some will carry over to the standard mode (Faction War) to improve features as outlined in the roadmap. We’ll release the full patch notes detailing these improvements when this version of the game hits the live servers.

We’re eager for your feedback on Rend’s new Classic game mode so be sure to share your thoughts with us on the forums, DiscordReddit, and Steam!