Posted on 09.20.18 in News

New Faces at Frostkeep Studios

While our news has been focused on Rend's development since entering Early Access, we're also excited to share that the Frostkeep Studios team is expanding! Meet the three new faces who you'll see at our convention booths and on our upcoming livestreams.

Nathan Hillen, Executive Producer
Nathan first met a number of Frostkeep staff while working at Carbine Studios where he assembled and ran the Analytics Team, designed the Wildstar Free-To-Play Conversion, and worked closely with NCSoft on building out platform infrastructure. He was most recently at Blizzard Entertainment as a Lead Program Manager doing both production and design for and helped launch several pieces of core server tech for the platform. He championed the creation of a new Partner Success group focused on partner integrations with Blizzard which would become key in the formation of Overwatch League and its Twitch integrations. Nathan has now rejoined his past colleagues as Frostkeep's new Executive Producer on Rend.

Liem Nguyen, Character Artist
Liem began his career creating immersive 3D environments for Mindshow, an interactive VR platform and Emmy finalist for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media. As he progressed in his career, he began freelancing 3D characters for various clients such as Escape VR. After being introduced to Rend and the talented Frostkeep Studios team, he instantly knew he had to be part of the development of Rend. He's now is a proud member of Frostkeep as a character artist.

Mark Khalil, Environment and VFX Artist
Mark initially collaborated with Frostkeep staff while at Carbine Studios as a 3D artist on Wildstar where he first focused on painterly environment modeling, vehicle designs, and character textures. Gaining proficiency and experience with 3ds Max, ZBrush, Maya, and other software, he most recently was at Riot Games as Senior Environment Artist on League of Legends where he worked on champion spell and skin visuals as well as Summoner's Rift map features. Mark joins Frostkeep as an Environment Artist who also produces many of the visual effects in Rend.

Please join us in welcoming our newest team members!