Posted on 07.06.18 in News

Alpha Roadmap: User Interface

Rend’s fourth Alpha roadmap feature is on the game's user interface which has been entirely redesigned over the course of Rend's Alpha. What started as monochromatic windows with inconsistent proportions has evolved into a cohesive layout that mirrors the game's bold color palette, displaying critical information in an easy-to-digest format incorporating the best practices from RPGs, MMOs, and the survival genre. Here's a set of samples showcasing the polished interface: the radial menu, character inventory, research tab, crafting table, and refinery window.



While we have artists, programmers, designers, and even two marketers at Frostkeep, the team is laser-focused on getting Rend's gameplay ready for Early Access so we looked to a third-party partner to assist us on the interface revamp. Rend's fantastic facelift would not have been possible without the skill of our friends at Sprung Studios and their genuine love for the game. As co-founder Solomon Lee states, "At Frostkeep, we move rather fast for development by making quick decisions. Sprung was great to work with since they were able to work at our pace. They would respond quickly to feedback and were excellent at communicating concerns. It was a collaborative effort and they really were part of the team." And artist Nick De Spain adds, "It was a pleasure to work with the team at Sprung. Their friendly and collaborative approach to completing our UI assets made working together very enjoyable. They took feedback we gave them professionally and went that extra length to come up with outstanding solutions to our requests."

Sprung has produced an in-depth recap of their process as they were designing and collaborating with our team. Here's a quick snippet:

"For the visual style of Rend, the Frostkeep team gave Sprung Studios a strong and clear direction. Our leading design inspiration was the blend of ancient Nordic magic with new technologies. Norse/Celtic knotwork designs were a perfect fit influencing the details and patterns of our work. Alongside these intricate embellishments, it was important to balance this with simpler components. We utilised rectangular shapes and light frames to highlight interactive elements."

Be sure to read Sprung's detailed case study on redesigning Rend's user interface, from the flows and wireframes to the HUD and visual concepts.