Posted on 06.21.18 in News

Alpha Roadmap: Taming System

Rend’s third Alpha roadmap feature is on the taming system which allows players to capture and train (nearly) all of the creatures in Rend. Your once-feral, now-friendly companion will loyally battle alongside you as well as harvest resources, haul loot, siege bases, and of course serve as your trusty mount. Now when you encounter a new ferocious beast, your first thought should be how might it help you prove to the gods that your faction is most worthy of entering Valhalla.

Here’s an overview of Rend's taming system’s features:

The taming system makes creatures found in the world capable of being tamed and permanently controlled by players.

  • Almost all of the creatures in Rend can be tamed, becoming pets.
  • Once your faction has researched and built the Spirit Stables, various tools can be crafted to assist in taming creatures.
  • In order to tame a creature, you must send its spirit to the Spirit Realm using tools crafted at the Spirit Stables. After defeating it in combat, you must open and enter your own portal to the Spirit Realm (using the Mystic talent Rend the Veil) to find and use a taming method on its spirit before it dissipates.
    • We will be adding alternate methods to accessing the Spirit Realm for the purpose of taming.
  • There are multiple taming methods such as feeding particular foods, casting totemic auras, applying craftable lures, or shooting specific body parts with special ammunition.
    • Creatures can be tamed using any available method but some are more susceptible to certain methods than others.
    • More taming methods are planned.
  • As the Spirit Realm drains your energy, hydration, and maximum health at a quickening pace over time, efficient taming is vital.
    • The time required to complete a taming is largely determined by the tool and method being used as well as the particular target creature itself.

Train your pet by going out adventuring with it, improving its strength as it gains experience.

  • Stored as spirits, all tamed creatures can be summoned to be your active pet at your Faction Base’s Spirit Stables.
  • The Spirit Stables start with a set number of pet slots for each faction member and they can be expanded through talents and research.
  • You can only have one pet active at a time and activating a different pet requires returning to the Spirit Stables to fetch it.
  • Leveling a pet scales its stats such as health, damage, and speed.
  • Pets regenerate health on their own. When pets die, they can be resurrected at the Spirit Stables using certain materials.
    • If you die, your active pet will guard your corpse and await your return.
  • You can attempt to tame a creature with the help of your existing active pet.

Seek out pets with high ratings or unique coloration based on your preference.

  • All pets are set to level 1 upon being tamed but each can have different Pet Rating scores.
  • The higher the rating of a creature, the harder it is to tame. However, high rating and high level pets make the strongest companions.
    • When you earn experience, your pets get a bonus to experience gain based on how large of a difference there is between your level and theirs.
  • Each creature in the world spawns with a randomized Pet Rating score between 0 and 1000.
  • All breeds of all creatures may spawn with a maximum rating (1000).
    • This has a very low chance of happening for creatures found in earlier biomes.
    • This has a higher chance of happening for rare creatures which tend to have higher ratings in general.
  • Creatures can spawn with a wide variety of colorations (cosmetic skins). A creature’s coloration persists when that creature is tamed to become a pet.
  • Pets don’t need to be fed or given water once tamed. (However they will whimper and cry if left alone for too long at the Spirit Stables, you monster.)
  • Pets belonging to an enemy faction can be attacked directly. Note, you cannot tame creatures that have already been tamed by another player.

Choose your pet based on your current activity as each type excels at different tasks.

  • Almost all pets can perform a wide variety of tasks such as fighting, harvesting, hauling, transportation, and sieging.
    • All pets have different movement speeds and a few cannot be used as mounts.
    • Pets are specialized for particular purposes. For instance, stoneshells have slow movement speed but large inventory making them ideal for hauling.
    • Some pets can even perform tasks on their own automatically.
  • Different types of pets and even breeds of certain pet types have unique abilities when tamed.
    • Pets tamed in later biomes may have different or stronger abilities than those found in earlier biomes.
  • You can issue commands to your pet while within command distance.
    • Pets can be commanded to stand guard at a location while you travel elsewhere but you’ll need to return to within command distance to issue it any new commands.
    • While mounted, you can command your pet to attack but you cannot fire your weapon. It should be noted that attacking while mounted is relatively ineffective in combat.

The taming system will be introduced in next week’s Alpha update and we’ll be keenly following tester feedback on this new feature. We’re looking forward to expanding how players can interact with and train their pets in the near future. Be sure to check out our Alpha roadmap for insight into what’s coming next!