Posted on 06.05.18 in News

Alpha Roadmap: Control Points

Rend’s first Alpha roadmap feature is Control Points, a set of nine ancient relics that can be captured by factions for tactical advantages. Introduced in this week’s game update, they grant valuable rewards that can sway the balance of power for the faction that holds them: a bounty of experience points, faction reputation, and loot drops when captured as well as a steady source of spirits, research sparks, and the chance for artifact items while held. Owning these Control Points could be the difference between losing a cycle or beating the other factions, proving your worthiness to the gods, and ascending victorious to Valhalla.

Let’s highlight how Control Points can make or break a faction:

Control Points are faction-controlled objectives offering winner-take-all base skirmish opportunities.

  • Three at strategic locations in the highlands.

  • Three along the borders between factions.

  • Three under Yggdrasil in the center of the map.

Claim significant gameplay bonuses by capturing a Control Point for your faction.

  • The controlling faction gets a constant supply of spirits and research sparks as well as a chance for loot chests.

  • Players who capture a Control Point are rewarded with experience points, faction reputation, and loot drops with chance for an artifact item.

  • Spirits generated by Control Points do not need to be transported to a Faction Base: they're directly deposited into the controlling faction’s Divinity Stone.

Create an outpost base around the Control Point to protect your prize.

  • Neutral Control Points are captured by interacting with the Divinity Splinter at its center to channel an interruptible 10-second capture cast. A Control Point can be recaptured and change ownership a few hours after being captured.

  • The controlling faction may build in the area around the Control Point.

  • Captured Control Points can be used as a strategic teleport and respawn location.

Recapture enemy-owned Control Points to earn rewards that scale based on how long it’s been owned.

  • The Control Point crystal’s color indicates which faction currently controls it.

  • A global server message will be broadcast indicating that a captured Control Point is under attack.

  • When a rival faction completes the 10-second capture cast on an owned Control Point, its crystal turns neutral and the controlling faction has a 20-minute window to rally a defense and drive out the raiders to reassert ownership of the Control Point. If the controlling faction completes the 10-second capture cast, the crystal will return to their color. If the 20-minute window lapses, the Control Point changes ownership and will be shielded from recapture for a few hours to allow for the defending team to rebuild/mount a defense.

  • When a Control Point changes ownership, all defenses constructed in the vicinity switch ownership as well. Any remaining loot boxes and research sparks may be collected by the new controlling faction.

  • Control Points that change ownership frequently will grant fewer rewards.

Control Points will be an important way for a faction to dominate its foes through bottlenecking strategic map locations and providing an effective method of gaining technologies and spirits. Enemy factions will want the tactical advantages they provide and to deny you a bountiful source of experience and quality loot. Anticipate daily skirmishes over these valuable nodes as Control Points are designed to be needed to win the game from early to late cycle. Like all of Rend, this feature is open to player feedback and may evolve over the course of Alpha.