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Early Access Scheduled Streams

We're kicking off two full days of non-stop scheduled Rend Early Access streams on Twitch!

Jul 31, 2018
Early Access Launch Server List

Prepare for the launch of Rend Early Access with the official server list!

Jul 30, 2018
Rend Early Access Launch Schedule

Welcome to the last weekend of Alpha! Let's look ahead at Rend's Early Access launch schedule.

Jul 27, 2018
CohhCarnage Livestreams Rend

Watch CohhCarnage explore the world of Rend in an exclusive broadcast from Alpha!

Jul 24, 2018
Alpha Media Embargo Lifts July 26

We are excited to announce that the Rend Alpha media embargo will lift on Thursday, July 26 at 12:01 AM PDT (UTC-7)!

Jul 23, 2018
Alpha Roadmap: Archetype Rebalance

Rend’s sixth Alpha roadmap feature details the talent and skill rebalance, a sweeping review of archetype abilities.

Jul 19, 2018
New Servers, Invites, & More Coming to Rend Alpha

We’re pleased to announce we’ll be adding two more servers and inviting thousands of new testers to Alpha this Friday, July 20.

Jul 18, 2018
Beasts of Rend: Festerwig

Meet the festerwig, our fifth creature featured in the Beasts of Rend series!

Jul 16, 2018
Introducing the Rend Partner Program

We are proud to announce the launch of the Rend Partner Program, our content creator engagement initiative.

Jul 16, 2018
Alpha Roadmap: Character Redesign

Rend’s fifth Alpha roadmap feature explores the full character redesign and how it's a prerequisite for future content.

Jul 13, 2018
Penny Arcade Livestreams Rend

Join us live from Penny Arcade headquarters as Jerry "Tycho" Holkins meets Frostkeep developers for a Rend livestream!

Jul 12, 2018
Rend Early Access Begins July 31

We are proud to announce that Rend will enter Early Access on Steam on July 31!

Jul 11, 2018