The dense treeline bordering Hearthhome is more than just a physical boundary: these mighty roughwoods act as a gateway to the wilderness. Obscuring the sun, wide canopies blanket the forest floor in shadow, making skogurfrut bushes and hardwood saplings compete for each ray of light. Tangled branches muffle the footsteps of hungry wargs stalking those who have lost their way among the trees. Though the Stagswood is a necessary first step on the path towards ascension, take care that it isn’t your last.

Survival Tips

  • Overview: Survive away from the faction base, collecting vital resources and defeating predatory beasts in a land more than a sprint’s distance from shelter.
  • Objectives: Supply your faction base with hardwood lumber for new buildings and begin harvesting and smelting valuable metal ores to reinforce them.
  • Location: The Stagswood surrounds Hearthhome, protecting it from the Highlands and swamp: a strategic outpost location for exploring those regions.
  • Climate: Though temperate by day, the forest becomes cool at night and even colder on hilltops, causing you to expend more energy as you run and fight.
  • Fauna: The woods are no place for the unwary: luminescent stags aren't easy prey and warg packs and cave-dwelling ursas will gladly make a meal of you.
  • Resources: In addition to ample hardwood groves and skogurfrut berries, craft plenty of torches to spelunk deep, dark caves for metal ores and bjornheather.