Whatever you do, don’t drink the water. The fetid swamp is a miasma of vexation that can ensnare and wither away even the hardiest adventurers. Rotting vegetation fills the air with a permeating ochre haze, making it easy to stumble into a thornwood patch. Murky bogs dominated by infectious plants aren’t the only reason this marshland is hostile to life: ferocious allidons lurk in its muddy shallows and wasprey swarms have been known to cripple and devour weakened prey.

Survival Tips

  • Overview: A territory where the landscape is as unwelcoming as the wildlife, Myrkfen brings debilitating diseases, poor visibility, and damaging resources.
  • Objectives: Overcome new health and stamina debuffs, manage hunger and thirst at faster drain rates, and stave off death by a thousand cuts by mastering navigation through barbed flora.
  • Location: Myrkfen borders the Highlands opposite Rend’s dense fungal grove. Stalwart heroes can access the swamp by means of a Hearthhome footpath.
  • Climate: Choked by thick mist, peat gas keeps the moor sweltering. This is a disease-ridden land with undrinkable estuaries and poisonous flora and fauna.
  • Fauna: Drawn by the scent of fresh blood, most local predators mark targets with pheromones and prefer to kill slowly with venom. Glutts, however, feature gaping maws capable of swallowing men whole.
  • Resources: Prickly thornwood easily opens arteries but is valuable for crafting and some plants yield heat-resistant sap, vital for certain poultices and salves.