The thick trees of the Stagswood give way to this sparse plateau composed of stony fields and sloping foothills. Bitterly cold headwinds have shaped the monolithic sagastone pillars that dot the landscape, weeping eternally into mystical pools. Despite its striking vistas, the Highlands is a rugged domain fraught with peril. Even the bravest warriors know not to linger when the eventide halos glow cerulean and darkness falls upon the stunted ironfirs as this is when the wildcats begin their nocturnal hunt.

Survival Tips

  • Overview: Discoveries abound in these mythical highlands such as sagastone pillars producing magical waters, strategic Divinity Splinters to capture, and rings of eventide mushrooms that attract wandering spirits.
  • Objectives: Seize and defend the Control Points found in this biome while establishing an outpost to guard the portals that lead from rival lands.
  • Location: The Highlands serve as a central connective territory between all others, its upper foothills acting as an entrance to the mountains beyond.
  • Climate: Cool during the day, this windswept mesa becomes dangerously cold at night with temperatures nearing freezing atop the cliffs.
  • Fauna: Hardened by climate and fierce competition for sparse vegetation, rocs patrol the plateau by day while wildcats can be heard stalking prey at night.
  • Resources: Iron and gold veins fill the rocky bluffs of the Highlands while moonlight chalcedony can be found in the arcane pools collecting beneath the standing sagastone obelisks. Clusters of hardwood and ironfir trees sway in the blustery fields with yxengrass and eventide halos sprouting under their boughs.