Idyllic and bountiful, the gently rolling hills of Rend are the home of your faction base and a sanctuary from the untamed wilds beyond. The dense, verdant grasslands yield fields of bright goldpoppies, ripe hearthmelon clusters, and thick tanglevine bushes. Freshwater pools give way to a shimmering pond on the forest’s edge, frequented by grazing beasts. Still, only the foolhardy let their guard down while they slake their thirst: lone prowlfangs have been known to leave the Stagswood to hunt unwary prey.

Survival Tips

  • Overview: Begin your adventure by crafting rudimentary tools, forging basic equipment, and stockpiling supplies for journeys into neighboring biomes.
  • Objectives: The major challenge of Hearthhome is to stave off hunger and thirst long enough to generate a surplus of food and water.
  • Location: The three corners of the world are Hearthhome biomes, placing each faction base equidistant from the other two.
  • Climate: Pleasantly temperate at both day and night, even threadbare clothing will keep you comfortable here in Hearthhome.
  • Fauna: There’s no shortage of grunters to hunt though keep your distance from territorial yxen and beware chasing your quarry into the forest.
  • Resources: Abundant sources of roughwood, crumblestone, and plant fiber mean you have everything needed to make essential items and early buildings.