Growing like a pestilent tumor on the edge of the world, Dreadveil is a labyrinthine mushroom colony pervaded by the stench of decay and mildew. Bulbous caps atop spindly stalks blot out the sun and any errant shafts of withering light are choked by an air thick with poisonous spores. And yet the true scourge here is not the fungi: silken cobwebs blanket every surface and you can’t help but feel you’re being watched by dozens of eights of eyes hiding amongst the shadows.

Survival Tips

  • Overview: Were this blighted land not the sole source of vital treasures, none would brave its terrors and risk contracting its afflictions.
  • Objectives: Survive this biome’s plague-ridden flora and fauna and be rewarded with sturdy granite, petrified geistwood, and arachnix silk.
  • Location: Though Dreadveil’s corruption is contained to a small region of Rend, it is slowly encroaching on both the Stagswood and the Highlands.
  • Climate: While relatively temperate, scant water sources and plants that emit noxious clouds on contact make this a decidedly unpleasant environment.
  • Fauna: With the exception of banshees, pernicious in their own way, all other living things in this realm are highly venomous. Arachnix egg sacs are also known to burst open when the broodlings sense a nearby first meal.
  • Resources: In addition to poison-resistant silk and venom glands for potions, Dreadveil is an excellent source of skyfall iron deposits, blood orchids, and home to the amanita palm, prized for its spongy stalks and sturdy fibers.