Stately and imposing, stags are the enigmatic sentinels of the Stagswood and beyond. Standing the full height of a man at the shoulder, these creatures grow branching, arboreal antlers that can reach as tall as the tree canopy. Warrior-scholars have long theorized about the nature of the leaves and flowers that sprout from these massive horns. Each species of stag plays host to local flora in a symbiotic relationship that appears to make other wildlife keep their distance out of respect. Fittingly, these majestic beasts are not to be trifled with as one rake across the flank from their flowery heads has ended the story of many a would-be hero.

Survival Tips

  • Locations: While stags are closely associated with the Stagswood that shares their name, most are found in the highlands and even under Yggdrasil itself.
  • Species: As stags age, they grow in both stature and fortitude, adapting to harsh climates. Over 20 breeds have been documented, each with unique coloration.
  • Behavior: Rarely challenged by forest wargs and ursas, stags exhibit an aura of pride and primal strength. They remain cautious and flighty when humans are near.
  • Abilities: Powerful legs and a long stride make a stag’s sprint one of the fastest in Rend. When provoked, their sharp antlers act as a defensive lacerating weapon.
  • Resources: An early source of medium leather, slain stags are often mounted atop faction hunting lodges and a meal of roast stag loin can revive weary warriors.
  • Trivia: Stags are innately magical creatures, capable of bestowing life to even the bleakest of environments.