Legends tell of a monstrous toad-like creature that dwells deep in the heart of Myrkfen. Glutts, so named for the guttural sound of their deafening croak, are rumored to tower over fortress walls and make the ground quake just by leaping. Their springy, venomous tongues can immobilize creatures with gelatinous mucus and their gaping maws are purportedly enormous enough to gobble men off their feet. While it’s natural to be skeptical given these fantastical accounts, what is true beyond doubt is that a self-proclaimed survivor of a recent glutt encounter left with three companions yet he was the only one to return.

Survival Tips

  • Locations: Though glutt stories often take place in the swamplands of Myrkfen, some are set in the fungal grove. Often, the glutt is found near the world's edge.
  • Species: Reports are inconsistent on glutt coloration, ranging from greens and yellows to oranges and reds. One constant is their crown of massive cranial horns.
  • Behavior: Glutts are invariably aggressive, territorial, and most of all hungry. They move further inland when hunting for food and are quick to attack but slow to chase in the rare case their prey escapes.
  • Abilities: Utilizing their gargantuan size, glutts like to throw their weight around. Many will surprise and crush enemies by leaping on them, striking those that wriggle free by rapidly inflating their armored vocal sacs.
  • Resources: Though few stories end in victory, those that do state that elastic glutt tongues are prized for their adhesive properties. Consuming glutt legs is also theorized to strengthen one’s resistance to disease.
  • Trivia: Rumors vary on just how many men a glutt can fit in its mouth but most tales agree on at least three.