Be careful where you tread when entering festerwig territory. Though these nightmarish invertebrates spend the bulk of their time underground, they are quick to strike when an alluring new vibration reaches their den. Muculent yet muscular anatomy allows them to burst from the soil and seize suspecting travelers with their concentric sets of curved teeth, crushing victims as they are swallowed whole. Even if you manage to encounter one in the open, don’t be disarmed by its clumsy, slow crawl: these vile creatures can spew highly acidic bile at a distance, melting through armor and flesh alike.

Survival Tips

  • Locations: Festerwigs prefer dark, damp, decaying biomes where weakened prey might stumble by, making them right at home in Myrkfen and Dreadveil.
  • Species: Slimy grays, browns, and greens, marked by a glow that exudes from their caustic innards. Legends tell of festerwigs that swallow magma from the caves of Muspelheim and radiate intense heat.
  • Behavior: Instinctively aggressive yet slow-moving above ground, festerwigs are known to burrow just below the surface and lie in wait for prey to ambush.
  • Abilities: The searing pain of a festerwig bite is due to the corrosive stomach acids that allow them to rapidly digest almost anything. When threatened, festerwigs can spit large globules of this acid to ward off predators.
  • Resources: Festerwig larvae can be used to leech dangerous toxins from flesh, working as a grisly antidote in a pinch. The fatty muscle from their undersides can be cooked into a surprisingly satisfying bacon.
  • Trivia: Waspreys and other insects subdue healthy festerwigs to lay eggs deep in their gelatinous membranes. Even more grotesque is when the mature swarm erupts from its host.